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Advising clients in all matters pertaining to Real Estate Law

SFQ&B Attorneys at Law

Long Term Client Relationships

At Sagal, Filbert, Quasney & Betten, P. A., we help clients throughout the State of Maryland understand and apply the laws pertaining to all matters concerning residential and commercial real estate development, land use and zoning, landlord/tenant law, property management law, leasing, homeowner associations, condominiums, cooperatives, construction law, fair housing law, real estate financing law, and real estate brokerage issues.
What makes Sagal, Filbert, Quasney & Betten, P.A. unique is the relationship with our clients – some of whom have been with the Firm for more than forty years.
As a mid-sized law firm, we work closely with our clients to understand their business needs, and to help them plan for the future with regard to a variety of real estate-related issues, as well as other business-related matters. Although our clients may be located throughout the United States, they benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience practicing law in the State of Maryland.

When clients need legal advice, Sagal, Filbert, Quasney & Betten, P.A. is large enough to provide a breadth of talent concerning real estate-related and business matters, yet small enough to provide thoughtful advice in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost. Whether our representation involves litigation or transactional work on behalf of our clients, we pride ourselves in our ability to react promptly, and to handle matters effectively and economically.


We have worked with industry leaders in real estate, residential and commercial development, property management, construction, and more. For an industry leader or an entrepreneur starting in the field, we offer the same comprehensive representation and experience when providing counsel to our clients.


SFQ&B has more than 40 years of experience in all areas of real estate law and other business matters. Our clients benefit from our concentration in real estate law as well as the diversity of experience offered by our team.


SFQ&B attorneys assist clients in evaluating and resolving problems efficiently, effectively, and economically; and in determining whether it is in the best interest of the client to negotiate a settlement or to prepare for litigation.

Ratings and Awards

SFQ&B is proud of the ratings and awards received by our team. We have attorneys who are AV Rated, the highest award granted by Martindale Hubbell, our industry standard.