When clients need legal advice, Sagal, Filbert, Quasney & Betten, P.A. is large enough to provide a breadth of talent concerning real estate-related and business matters, yet small enough to provide thoughtful advice in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost.

The practice of Sagal, Filbert, Quasney & Betten, P.A. has concentrated on the complexity of real estate law for over 40 years. Our clients benefit from our extensive experience in matters concerning residential and commercial development, including the sale or disposition of real property, and the leasing of real property. We work on behalf of real property owners, developers, real estate investment trusts, realty advisors, real estate brokers, asset managers, property managers and management agents.

At Sagal, Filbert, Quasney & Betten, P.A., we counsel clients in the acquisition, construction, development, and management of commercial and residential real estate projects, including office buildings, retail and mixed use properties, warehouse buildings, residential rental communities, as well as residential home purchase and sale transactions. We also offer representation to clients in the sale or acquisition of a business or business assets.

Real Estate Law Residential and Commercial Development Services:

  • Draft contracts concerning the sale or purchase of land, buildings, and businesses
  • Counsel and draft documentation for the formation of legal entities, including corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and limited liability limited partnerships
  • Draft and negotiate contracts related to financing
  • Counsel clients in real estate-related negotiations and litigation
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Land Use and Zoning

We represent clients in all matters related to the acquisition, land use and zoning of real property. We work on behalf of clients seeking to purchase undeveloped or improved land for commercial or residential use. Our clients include land owners, home builders and developers.

Land Use and Zoning Services:

  • Draft contracts for the sale or purchase of land and its planned use
  • Counsel clients in financing matters
  • Represent clients in zoning and land use matters
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Landlord/Tenant Law

Our skilled team at Sagal, Filbert, Quasney & Betten, P.A., have decades of experience representing residential landlords as well as both landlords and tenants of commercial properties. We have successfully negotiated and litigated thousands of cases in Maryland on behalf of our clients.

Landlord/Tenant Law Services:

  • Draft lease documents: lease agreements, lease applications, security deposit disposition forms, pet and other lease-related addenda
  • Summary ejectment actions
  • Rent escrow actions
  • Wrongful detainer actions
  • Tenant holding over actions
  • Breach of lease actions
  • Collection of delinquent accounts from tenants
  • Representation in Baltimore City Housing Court
  • Defense of fair housing complaints
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Property Management Law

In addition to Landlord/Tenant Law, our property management clients receive counsel regarding issues relevant to the operation of residential and commercial properties.

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Homeowner Associations, Condominiums and Cooperatives

Our team of attorneys at Sagal, Filbert, Quasney & Betten, P.A., has comprehensive knowledge concerning the management and governance of established homeowner associations, condominiums and cooperatives.

Homeowner Associations, Condominiums, and Cooperatives:

  • Draft covenants and bylaws
  • Amend and interpret governing documents
  • Enforcement of community association governing documents, rules, and regulations
  • Represent community associations in architectural control violations and fair housing issues
  • Litigation on behalf of community associations
  • Collection of delinquent assessments and fines
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Construction Law

At Sagal, Filbert, Quasney & Betten, P.A., we know that there are numerous challenges in building or developing projects of any size or nature. We counsel our clients concerning the vast array of problems and issues that may arise during all phases of commercial and residential construction.

Construction Law:

  • Draft and negotiate all pertinent construction related contracts
  • Mechanic's lien litigation
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Fair Housing Law

Although our goal is to educate our clients so that they comply with all applicable Fair Housing Laws, our attorneys are also experienced in defending against Fair Housing Complaints filed in Federal and State Courts, as well as local, State and Federal administrative agencies.

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Workers' Compensation and Personal Injury

We represent clients who are injured on the job or who suffer from an occupational disease. We also counsel individuals who have been injured as a result of the negligence of others. At Sagal, Filbert, Quasney & Betten, P.A., we work to ensure that our clients are protected under the law and fairly compensated.

Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury:

  • Counsel clients concerning their rights in the State of Maryland
  • Advise clients concerning appropriate medical care, rehabilitation and compensation.
  • Obtain fair settlements
  • Litigate claims to achieve fair resolution of claims
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We have worked with industry leaders in real estate, residential and commercial development, property management, construction, and more. For an industry leader or an entrepreneur starting in the field, we offer the same comprehensive representation and experience when providing counsel to our clients.


SFQ&B has more than 40 years of experience in all areas of real estate law and other business matters. Our clients benefit from our concentration in real estate law as well as the diversity of experience offered by our team.


SFQ&B attorneys assist clients in evaluating and resolving problems efficiently, effectively, and economically; and in determining whether it is in the best interest of the client to negotiate a settlement or to prepare for litigation.

Ratings and Awards

SFQ&B is proud of the ratings and awards received by our team. We have attorneys who are AV Rated, the highest award granted by Martindale Hubbell, our industry standard.